19 Apr 2024
09:00  - 11:00



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Version Control and Documentation with GitHub

Two-hour crash course on version control and documentation with GitHub

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Facing the challenges of managing code effectively without version control and documentation can significantly impact your work's quality and integrity rendering your code non-compliant with FAIR principles. This can lead to missed opportunities in publications due to non-reproducible or black-boxed results, and can also impede collaborative efforts as peers will also struggle with understanding and contributing to unreadable code.

This course is tailored for researchers in the social sciences and humanities who write code but lack prior experience with GitHub. The aim of the course is to help these researchers decide if GitHub is the right tool for them to version control and document their code.

The course is held in English.

Please register by email. 15 places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.


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