Lea Katharina Kasper

Lea Katharina Kasper

Lea Katharina Kasper joined the RISE team in April 2024. She graduated in 2021 from the University of Basel with a Masters degree in European Global Studies. Since then she is a PhD candidate at the Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel with her Project: "Lessons to Learn? Unfolding a Global Market in Difficult Times – The British Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland 1920 – 1950". This project, supported by the SNF Doc.CH program, embodies her dedication to applying digital humanities approaches to explore complex historical connections.

Previously she worked as an assistant in the SNF-funded project “The Divisive Power of Citizenship”, where she was responsible for data collection and extraction methods. Her research interest pivot around the integration of digital methods in historical research. Her focus is on leveraging digital tools for the collection, structuring and analysis of historical data. Well as creating and linking databases.

She has taught seminars at the University of Basel with a focus on data extraction, structuring, analysis and presentation of historical source material.

Contact: lea.kasper@clutterunibas.ch

Room: 04.006