RISE offers services in three areas:

  1. Consulting – RISE can provide advice on digital methods in all stages of a project, more specifically:
    • Consulting in the planning phase, i.e. advice on work plans and data management plans in proposals. For that service to be effective, we kindly ask interested researchers to contact RISE as early as possible, ideally before or when a first version of a proposal is drafted.
    • Consulting in the operational phase, e.g. advice on digital workflows, on the setup or use of digital tools, estimation of effort for a given task, etc. 
    • Consulting in the closing phase, most importantly advice on transferring digital resources created in a project to infrastructure providers for sustainable archiving and access according to the FAIR principles.
  2. Training – RISE offers training events for digital tools and other aspects of digital research workflows in three ways:
    • “Crash courses” and workshops initiated and organised by RISE and offered to all interested researchers at the University.
    • Workshops for specific projects and their teams.
    • Individual sessions as part of courses based on the "crash courses". 
  3. Implementation – RISE can offer support for implementing (parts of) digital workflows. This includes:
    • Support in data modelling, i.e. setting up a digital representation of the project’s data structures (e.g. as a database or XML schema)
    • Support in workflow management, e.g. automation or reorganisation of tasks or for better efficiency
    • Support in data cleaning and/or transformation, e.g. removing inconsistencies or conversion of data from one format to another
    • Support in data annotation, i.e. in automatic procedures to enrich data with further information
    • Support in data analysis, e.g. quantification or statistical analysis
    • Support in data visualisation

Please note that RISE does not operate its own technical infrastructure, i.e. we cannot directly offer services for storing data or running specific (web) applications. RISE can, however, be consulted on questions in that area.


Training courses organised by RISE are free of charge for employees of the University of Basel.

For projects and individual researchers at the University of Basel, RISE can offer consulting and training services free of charge to the extent of max. 20h per year, as far as capacities allow. Implementation services, as a rule, cannot be offered free of charge.

For projects with a need for consulting or training beyond the limit of 20h per year, or for projects in need of implementation services, RISE as a core facility of the University can offer paid services in accordance with the University’s administrative rules. Services for clients outside the University of Basel are possible only as far as capacities allow and the costs will be calculated case-by-case.

If a project or individual researcher intends to make use of paid services at RISE, we kindly ask to contact us early on so that we can provide a realistic cost estimate and plan implementation capacities. The hourly rate for chargeable services of RISE is 80CHF/h.