Dr. Anthea J. Alberto (Research Navigator)

Photo Alberto

Anthea Alberto studied political science and physics at the University of Zurich. Between 2018 and 2021, she completed her PhD at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin on the topic of "Coalition Governments and Political Communication: A Quantitative Text Analysis of Strategy Choice". At the same time, she was co-responsible for the implementation of Prof. Heike Klüver's project "COALITIONPOLICY". The aim of the project was a comparative analysis of policy content in coalition agreements in more than 20 European countries. Anthea Alberto's research focus is quantitative text analysis (QTA), especially in the areas of automatic classification and sentiment analysis.

In the fall semester of 2022, Anthea Alberto will teach a seminar on quantitative text analysis. The seminar is organized by the Department of Social Sciences and is aimed at Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

Contact: antheajeanne.alberto@clutterunibas.ch

Phone: +41 61 207 66 08

Room: 04.004